Geekbuying’s 6th Anniversary Sale!

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Geekbuying’s  6th Anniversary Sale

For the next few days Geekbuying’s massive annual sale will be taking place! There will be games, giveaways, coupon deals, and huge savings for the duration of this annual promotion. If you like new tech products or cool gadgets make sure to take advantage of this sale!

Games & Giveaways

During this annual sale you will have a chance to win up to $10,000 worth of Geekbuying Gift Vouchers and a Xiaomi Mix 2S! All you have to do to win is participate in a simple card game located on the promotion page. Participants of this game will also win various coupons and small prizes the more they play.

Huge Savings

This annual sale is the best time of the year for you to finally splurge and buy that product you have wanted for so long. Savings like this don’t come often so make sure you take advantage of this sale with products up to 70% off. What exactly can you buy during this sale, you might ask? The answer is: basically any tech product you can imagine. We have Smartphones, TV Boxes, Laptops, Tablets, Smart Wearables, Home Security and Smart Home Gadgets, RC Toys, Drones, and many other products all on sale. We also have huge savings on products stored in local warehouses; so you can save big and get fast shipping!

(See the Sale Schedule below to find what you are looking for)

Lucky Bags

“Lucky Bags” is the final 6th Anniversary Sale activity. This activity offers the most bang for your buck! A ‘Lucky Bag’ is a surprise bundle package, meaning many products are included in this one purchase. You will save upwards of 80% when purchasing a ‘Lucky Bag’; the only catch is you won’t know what you bought until it is delivered to your door. The suspense will make it that much more fun!

Sale Schedule

June 5-11

Page 1: Anniversary Countdown

Page 2: Xiaomi Mix 2S give away & $10000 Geekbuying Gift Vouchers

June 12-18

Page 3: Biggest Savings

Page 4: Category promotion 1: Smartphones & Tablets & TV Boxes

Page 5: Category promotion 2: Wearables, Consumer Electronics & Computer Networking

Page 6: Category promotion 3: Home & Security Systems

Page 7: Category promotion 4: RC toys, Outdoors & Automobiles

Page 8: Local Stock Sale

Page 9: Lucky Bags

June 19-22

Page 3: Win Geekbuying Gifts

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