$28.99 for Xiaomi Mijia Electric Kettle in DE stock after coupon:JVVBOIRM



Warming up quickly

The diameter of the kettle lid is 13cm. Through the bottom of the 1800W high-power poly heating ring, it will be able to boil up the water within 5 minutes.

304 stainless steel inner layer

The capacity for this kettle is 1.5L and the inner part is made up of 304 stainless steel which makes it easier to be cleaned up.

Unibody design

The mouth, body, and bottom of the kettle are impacting molding, 130mm oversized hood, and 75-degree angle of open cover, the inside body has no gap which is better for cleaning and keeps the water quality safe and healthy.

Double-layer body

With double layer body design, even if the liner is in the high-temperature state of 100 degrees Celsius, the kettle outside the body is only 40 degrees Celsius, do not have to worry about too hot.

Coupon:JVVBOIRM,final price $28.99

product link:https://goo.gl/5ab1cu

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