Leagoo M8 Pro doesn't support block hidden callers


Can anybody tell me why is it not possible to block hidden callers on the Leagoo M8 Pro? It seems to me that's one of the most important functions on a smartphone!
I'm from the Netherlands and here the telephone company's doesn't support it mostly for smartphones (just only for landline / home phone accounts). So it has te be done in the Leagoo M8 Pro smartphone itself, but this smartphone seems not to support it. How is that possible? I can't believe Leagoo forget to install this feature?!

Anybody who knows anything about this really strange conclusion?
Understand: It doesn't work, also not when using a app to do that. The feature is may be in the app but the Leagoo M8 smartphone doesn't react on the setting in the app, because it is not support this!

Thank you.

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