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I'm new user, I'm in Ireland and I'm trying to set up the multifactor verification option, but there's a problem, my sim is Virgin and I can't get any SMS verification code (which suck, no idea why in that aspect Virgin is so bad) anyway, I called them and asked why that's happening, they said that they need to know from where the SMS is being sent, if from a network system, or a phone number the source, then they can see what they can do to make it available, if they can. I was reading some post and there's a lot of people with the same problem, whoever have Virgin mobile in Ireland (again, in that aspect Virgin sucks, such a bad thing, make you want to go to another company, really..Anyway, I hope you can give me a hand here, also if possible, you can tell me which other ways I can use to get the multifactor authetication working! (I hope is not by getting a new sim card, because here, mobile services are expensive though.

please help

I did not find the right solution from the internet.


  • nazimou
    This API lets your app automatically receive verification codes without requesting full SMS reading permissions, and providing a great user experience where the codes are automatically handled without user intervention.
    Tutuapp 9Apps Aptoide
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