Ulefone Power 3

I just would warn anyone against buying any product from Ulefone..1. Beware of any company with a facebook page that does not allow you to place comments on that page. 2. Once you buy the phone you will not get any OS updates NEVER...they just put out a new model with the new android OS and screw the existing customers. I bought the Power and Power 2 phone with the promise of an update....none arrived but the Power 3 is now here....then 4? then 5? ...My wife has a MOTO G3...cheaper than my Power 2...I was in a dark environment and we both took a photo with the flash....hers was great, mine CRAP...TERRIBLE...could barely see anyone (in stronger light the camera is adequate) So beware and find alternatives. Until Ulefone feels the commercial pinch they will not take care of existing customers....


  • Fred
    I Had two Ulefones Power and Power 2.
    Both are Great little phones. And i must say i just bought the new Ulepone Power 3.
    Maybe you had you finger over the lense :)
    I have had 1 Update on each of the phones. and i think you will see 8.0 or 8.1 on the power 2 next. Wait till march.
    Look a phone is what you pay for. And with the times changing ever two years at this price i can update it every two years.
    And feedback was Very good from them.

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