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I finally found some time to write about my experiences with the Xiaomi Mi 6 that I won here at Gizmochina some time ago. So here we go!

Model: Xiaomi Mi 6 (MCE16)
Storage & RAM: 64 GB internal storage (not expandable), 6 GB RAM
Processor: Snapdragon 835, Octa-core (4x 2.45 GHz & 4x 1.9 GHz)
Camera: Dual 12 MP, 8 MP (front)
Battery: 3350 mAh

The design of the Mi 6 has a premium glass look. The glass back makes the phone slippery, so it's recommended to use the included transparent TPU case. One hand operation is good, all edges are easy to reach and the fingerprint scanner is located under the screen. The fingerprint scanner is very fast and always on, so you can use it without first using the power button. At the top right corner there is a notification light, but it's not customizable as it is just a white LED. The phone doesn't have a headphone jack, but this is not a huge problem if you have Bluetooth headphones. You can still use your wired headphones with the included type C to 3.5 mm adapter. The phone has two SIM card slots, but only one of them supports 4G (LTE). The Mi 6 has 2 speakers, one at the bottom of the phone and one in the earpiece. The speaker in the earpiece is not as loud as the bottom-firing speaker, but it is nice to have sound coming from both sides when watching a video. The device isn't water resistant. It should be able to withstand some splashes, but is definitely not recommended to submerge it in water. An IP68 rating would have been a nice addition to the phone.

The Mi 6 has a 5.15" LCD display with a resolution of 1920x1080. The display can get very bright and has a good visibility in bright sunlight. The display can also get quite dark, ideal for late night phone usage. I noticed some minor backlight bleeding at the top of the display. The side bezels are small, there are bezels at the top and bottom of the screen, but the device doesn't look bad at all.

The Xiaomi Mi 6 runs a heavily skinned version of Android called MIUI. As I used a stock Android phone before, this was something I needed to get used to in the beginning. MIUI does more than just modifying the look of the software, under the hood they also performed some optimizations. Sometimes the battery optimization is too aggressive and will stop apps running in the background, but fortunately this can be changed in the settings. Overall MIUI is pleasant to use, and bugs get fixed quite fast with regular updates. The user interface feels very snappy, and app launching is fast. I'm currently running MIUI Global (Stable) based on Android 7.1.1, and updates are rolled out approximately every two months. My device came with Google Play Services preinstalled, so I can install any app that I want from the Play Store.

Call quality is good, LTE connectivity could be better (in Europe) if there was support band 20. In Europe, band 20 is often used for LTE coverage in rural areas. This means that in rural areas I don't receive a LTE signal, but fall back to 3G. In cities however, LTE works fine. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi work both very good and have a large coverage.

The camera of the Mi 6 is good. It has fast focus speeds and it can take multiple pictures in rapid succession. The 2x zoom lens is a nice addition, and this dual camera setup is also used well in portrait mode where the background of the picture is blurred.

With the Mi 6, you are getting amazing performance for its price. It's a device that I would definitely recommend! The Mi 6 isn't a device that stands out from other smartphones by having a unique feature, but by keeping it simple and adding a ton of performance, Xiaomi made a device that is very appealing.

Finally, a big thank you to Gizmochina for sending me this device! It's a real upgrade from my last phone, and I'm enjoying the Mi 6 a lot!


  • avnisharma
    Very informative content you have given about  Xiaomi MI 6,  yes as compares to Xiaomi 5 the  feature has been improvised. 
    Thank you  for such detailed content 
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