What is the best smartphone for me?

Hi all,

In this discussion, I would like us to provide help to whoever cannot decide what is the best phone according to one's needs.

For example, you state that for you the camera quality and the software are the most important and the rest of us try to provide you with the best option. Also if you are hesitating between two models you can state them and we will all discuss what are the cons and pros.

Just to start thing off-Do you think Huawei Honor 7x has the best camera for a phone within the mid range segment?


  • Shine
    Huawei Honor 7x, Smartisan Nut Pro 2, and 360 N6 pro are great mid-range-specs phones, but about camera, we have not compare them yet. The Meizu M6 Note's price cut down a little recently, and Meizu Pro 7 get a big price cut-down in this month if you like the special design. <span>:smile:</span>
  • Shine
    ZTE Axon 7 also is a good option, it's a flagship last year, high level camera and sound performance.
    Smartisan Nut Pro 2 and 360 N6 pro seem nice, but I am still not ready to give my money to a company that hasn't manufactured 1 million phones. My rule of the thumb
  • gelom
    Well, I am quite frustrated from android phones as I frequently received the play services error which was very hectic to find solution for. I managed to find this complete guide to this issue, which you should try as well if you are going through the same situation
  • TheUnderDroid
    edited December 2017
    We've got a couple of Oukitel K1000 here at The Under Droid, but we prefer more of the Oukitel K10000 Pro and K10000 Max. The battery life just made these phones a keeper for us as replying to our followers on FB, Twitter, etc all day really doesn't give a dent into the battery at all. On average of medium to heavy usage, we only charge about once every 3 -3.5 days.
  • nazimou
    OnePlus continues its habit of delivering flagship features in a phone that costs hundreds less than what you'd pay for top models from Apple and Samsung. The OnePlus 6 introduces a new glass design that holds an expansive, impressive OLED screen (and yes, there's a notch dipping down into the display). The Snapdragon 845 processor teamed up with either 6GB or 8GB of RAM (depending on which model you get) delivers superior performance, and the OnePlus 6 charges just as fast as before. Battery life isn't as good as on previous OnePlus phones, and the 6 will be a little too large for some people's tastes. But it's hard to argue with a phone that delivers so much while costing $470 less than the iPhone X.
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